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Ancient & Medieval Modelling

Ancient & Medieval Modelling

Видавництво: Osprey Publishing Ltd
Серія: Osprey Masterclass
Автор(ы): Peter Armstrong
Мова: English
Рік видання: 2000
Кількість сторінок: 127
ISBN: 1-8417676-007-2
Формат: pdf (100 dpi)
Розмір: 17,7 mb

Sculptor and Master Modeller, Pete Armstrong, shares the skills and techniques that have made him one of the great figure modellers working today. In this classic Masterclass series book, his practical and detailed text describes construction methods, super-detailing, conversion work and finishing techniques used on a series of modelling projects from the ancient and medieval world. Crammed with models of Anglo-Saxons, Romans, mounted knights, knights Templar, castles, kings, bowmen, billmen and monks! All

Contents # Tools, materials and supplies
Reference sources
Basic and advanced construction and super-detailing methods
Conversion work for all abilities
Simple heraldry for modellers
Standards and banners
Constructing weapons
Settings for figures
Saddlery and harness

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